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Ready Review: Bad and Negative Points in the movie

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Posted by in Movies on 05.06.2011
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I read many reviews for the hindi movie Ready, starring Salman Khan and Asin on different websites before I actually went to watch the movie. After reading all those reviews, I was kind of hoping that the movie will be really good and at par with other recent hit movies of Salman, specially Dabaang and Wanted. But I was wrong and I am really disappointed by the Ready movie. That’s why, I am writing this review here.

First, the movie is a mess and it doesn’t have a good story line (or a good plot). The movie is completely jumbled and director or the script writers seem to be confused what to be put where. There are so many flaws in the movie and that’s why I still wonder how the hell such a movie got good ratings from the viewers! Or are these viewer who posted reviews of the movie just some die hard fan of Salman who are trying to promote the movie? I am also a die hard fan of Sallu for that matter but I will not mis-guide other people into watching the movie, simply because it star my favourite actor. Should I?

Well, to be speaking the truth, the movie is yet another hopeless movies of 2011 and I will not recommend it to the masses. Of course if you are a die hard fan of Salman, then you sure can go watch it in the theaters. But if you were looking for a good movie, Ready movie is simply not it. Do not believe me? Go watch it yourself and check it out for yourself.

Movie Name: Ready (Hindi)
My Rating: 1.5 in 5
My Verdict: Wait for DVD Release




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