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Dr Batra Review: Too costly and no result

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Posted by in Healthcare on 04.03.2011
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I first visited Dr Batra’s Clinic in Jayanagar in February 2010, 3 months after I came to Bangalore as I was continuously losing my hair and was becoming bald. I also had a skin problem on my right leg ankle where the skin has thickened up and become dark redish in color.

When I first saw their rates of treatment and their membership fee, I was shocked because it was too expensive. But since I have heard a lot about Dr Batra and I can reimburse almost half the amount from my office on the ground of the skin problem, I thought I will go ahead and get the treatment.

I started taking their treatment and visited their clinic every month to make sure things were improving. For the skin issue, I did see improvement after just 1 weeks but for the hair loss problem, there was no improvement. When I asked the Doctor, he told me that it will take time and ask me to use their lotion regularly.

After about 5 months when I saw no improvement, I asked the doctor if there was something wrong with the medicine. He seem to get little angry and told me that I must not have been following their instructions properly. I lost my temper a little bit too and told him that their medicine was useless considering the cost. After some argument, I told them to refund half of my amount paid but he told me that he cannot refund any money and I should continue the treatment and wait for the result. I continued for 2 months and then never went there again.

I surely would not recommend them to anyone as they are too costly and their treatments are not very effective, except for minor skin problems, I guess. But for the fee you are charging, better go to a local homeopathy store and ask for some medicine.




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