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Club Mahindra Membership: Read reviews before joining

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Posted by in Travel on 21.04.2011
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My heading says it all I guess. I joined the Club Mahindra Membership before reading the costomer reviews and now I am regreting.

I heard about the Club Mahindra Membership for the first time when I got a promotional email from them. Me and my wife both were very excited to read that promo email because we plan for a lot of travelling before we have kids. Over and above that, we have actually visited one of their resorts and we found it very classy and attractive.

So, we decided to join the Club Mahindra Membership without consulting with anyone or reading the costomer reviews on the internet.

The problem with them is that, you will never get rooms when you want to stay. You have to check for their room availability way in advance and still you have very less chance to get a room at their resorts. But the case is different for non-members. The chances of getting a room at the normal rate (non-membership rate) is pretty good all year round. It seems like they have only a few rooms reserved for members and the rest is given to the non-members only.

So, read the customer reviews on the Club Mahindra Membership before you actually join them. Reviews are available all over the internet. And I bet you will hardly find people recommending you to join their membership. But of course, I wish things were different!




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