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Big Bazaar Exchange Offer: Get scamed or read the terms first

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Posted by in Miscellaneous on 03.03.2011
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Yes, I am talking about the Big Bazaar Exchange Offer on Old items. The banner usually reads something like exchange your old items with new ones. When I visited the Big Bazaar in JP Nagar a few days back, I saw a similar banner and was very excited to see that they are offering Rs. 30 per Kg of newspapers and Rs. 10,000 per kg of laptops and other electronic items. When I saw Rs. 10,000, I thought it was unbelievable and there should be some catch.

Anyway, I got two old laptops (in one, the battery was not working and in the other one, the display was not working). I also had some 15 kgs of newspapers + I took some 5 Kg of clothes and went to the Big Bazaar. I thought if I could get a few thousand bucks out of them, it would be great.

When I reached there, I was told that Rs. 10,000 for old laptops and other electronics is only for working condition and for non-working condition, it’s just Rs.80 per kg. So, he told me that he will give Rs. 500 for both the laptops and I was like “huh?”. I better throw them away for free instead of taking Rs. 500 for the two laptops + all the chargers and network cables. So, I told them I will keep the laptops with me and sell only the clothes and newspapers. So, they told me that they will give Rs. 1000 for the clothes and the newspapers. I said okay and they gave me a slip and told me to go to the counter with the computer. When I reach the counter, the guy gave me shopping coupons for Rs. 1000 and started explaining the details on how to use them. What he told me next really shocked me.

He said that I can use these coupons for 10% of every shopping in the Big Bazaar and Big Bazaar ONLY and the coupons are valid only till April 15 (or something) of 2011. I said “What, only for less than next 2 months? And that too only 10 percent? What the hell?”. Yes that’s shocking like hell. So he says if we shop for like Rs 500, I can pay Rs 50 out of that 500 using the coupon and the other Rs 450, I have to pay by cash! So, to get all the coupons back, I need to shop for Rs. 10,000 (that’s ten f**ing thousand rupees) from the Big Bazaar! Common I buy only cold drinks and detergents from the Big Bazaar! Should I buy for Rs 10,000 just to get that Rs 1000 coupon that I got by giving all my old clothes and newspapers? I better should have given it to an orphanage.

Well, I told the guy to return back my stuffs so that I can give it to an orphanage but he told me that he cannot return it once I have given them. I said the items are still lying there itself in front of my eyes. But he told me that there is nothing they can do because they have registered the coupons in my name and they cannot give back the items or take back the coupons! What’s that hell!

Anyway, I had to come back with the Rs 1000 worth of 10% coupons of Big Bazaar! So, don’t fall for the Big Bazaar banner saying that you can get Rs 30 for one kg of old newspaper or Rs 10,000 for one kg of used laptops and electronic items. They are just trying to scam people like me who hardly reads the conditions written in small letters.




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5 Responses to “Big Bazaar Exchange Offer: Get scamed or read the terms first”

  1. Hi Rahul, Big Bazaar exchange coupons can be used 10% (on grocery and household items) and 25% (footwear and clothing items). Just a correction I would like to make.

    I do agree with you on some points. I also went to sell my old newspapers and old cloths and later came to know that I can exchange only up to 25% of the bill with the coupons. They should make that clear on their banners to give the customers a fair image. Anyway, considering I am a frequent shopper at Big Bazaar and that they are giving a high rate on these old items, I am happy with what they are offering.

  2. Ranjana choudhary on March 4, 2011 @ 9:30 am

    hi…….. rahul, its just a way to make your shopping more interesting by taking your useless things by providing certain benefits on your shopping.By not providing you necessary information earlier and creating wrong picture of offer was bad and should not be done and not giving you back your stuff on asking is wrong done by them. but it was just a complicated process of canceling your coupon which they tried to avoid….its seems.

  3. Rahul (Pune) on March 7, 2011 @ 11:10 am

    I don’t see this as a scam, there is a large vertical board (at least in the Pune stores) that display the terms and conditions that state you will need to shop 4 times the coupon value and 10 times the coupon value (furniture and electronics). I think its a great idea to get rid of some junk. I gave away some clothes and newspaper and got 25% discount on the 2 Pepe jeans I got (since they would anyways be more than 4 times the coupon value in most cases), so make a judicious call, read the whole thing carefully. This is not like they would give large cash for you junk, why would they?

  4. Really the same thing happened to me and now im distributing those coupons to near my house and loved ones for free….If i hear about Big Bazaar immediate i get angry and vulgar words comes from me….F***ing Bazaar

  5. ohho… wht the hell is this..
    Even I was thinking to go there to sell junk papers and other stuffs. Guys you opened my eyes. And I am sure now that I will never go Big Bazaar to sell such items and will aware others as well about such kind of fraud done by Big Bazaar.
    I must say that Big Bazaar sucks and this is rubbish bazaar.

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